Eastern High Voltage Inc.

The Power of Performance and Prevention

A reliable electric power distribution system is one of the most critical components of a company’s successful operation, and therefore, selecting the right testing company is just as critical.  Eastern High Voltage is your best choice based on our proven performance and independent recommendations for your power system requirements.  We are not affiliated with any Equipment Manufacturer, Engineering Firm, General Contractor, or Construction Company… ensuring you of an unbiased evaluation of your power system.  Can your electrical testing company meet that independent standard?

All power systems are subjected to continual electrical, mechanical and environmental stresses.  Performing regular preventive electrical maintenance of these systems is the best way to avoid costly failures and preventable downtime.  At Eastern High Voltage we have extensive experience in planning, implementing, and performing preventive electrical maintenance programs for low, medium, and high voltage electrical equipment from most major manufacturers.  You will find our personnel to be professional and responsive to the needs of management, engineers, contractors and consultants. When you call Eastern High Voltage for service, you will not just get the next available technician.  Our operations manager assigns all field personnel strictly based on the job requirements, ensuring that our work is done safely and correctly. 

NETA Certified Field Testing Services

Eastern High Voltage is a full member of the International Electrical Testing Association.  Our electrical test technicians are NETA certified requiring ongoing training and testing to maintain their certification.  Our in house training program focuses on job safety for our personnel, electrical testing-troubleshooting, apparatus maintenance, report writing and NETA test methods and procedures.  Our field personnel are equipped with regularly calibrated test equipment, job safety equipment and personal arc flash protection gear.

  • Power Cable - Insulation Tests and Fault Location
  • Transformers - Air Cooled and Liquid Filled
  • Circuit Breakers - Air, Oil, Vacuum and Gas Types
  • Protective Relays - Electromechanical and Solid State
  • Disconnect Switches - Air, Oil, Vacuum and Gas Types
  • Motor Control Centers - Starters and Motors
  • Chiller Systems - Starters, Motors and Capacitors
  • Grounding Systems - Grids and Ground-Fault Protection Systems
  • UPS Systems - Input-Output Boards and PDU’s
  • Emergency Systems - Generators, Paralleling Switchboards and Emergency Panels
  • Switchboards and Switchyards - Metal Clad, Outdoor Bus Structures, Surge Arresters, Insulators and Instrument Transformers

NETA Field Test Reports

After the completion of services, our certified technicians will prepare a detailed report including equipment identification, services performed, test results and repair recommendations based on NETA test standards.  These ongoing reports serve as a record that can help management assess the condition of their electrical distribution system.